Jockey Club Launches Thoroughbred Connect Program

May 16th, 2011

Today the Jockey Club announced a new, free online service to help Thoroughbreds find new homes when their racing careers are over. The Thoroughbred Connect program allows people who are interested in helping a particular horse to attach their contact information to that horse’s electronic records. If that horse is in need of assistance or a home in the future, the horse’s owner can log in and request the contact information.

Thoroughbred owners and racing fans: the Jockey Club has provided you with an easy way to help ensure that the horses you love end up in a good place when their racing days are done. PLEASE take advantage of it.

To learn more, read the Bloodhorse news article here, or go directly to the online tool:

The Role of the Racing Industry

February 14th, 2010

According to the Jockey Club, about 31,750 Thoroughbred foals were born in 2009. The majority of these foals were bred for racing. However, a large percentage will never be fast enough or sound enough to race. Instead, they will will be dropped into an already-flooded pleasure horse market, where they have trouble competing due to their highly specialized training and breeding. Many will go to slaughter before reaching adulthood. (more…)