Help needed for 300+ abandoned horses in Montana

February 2, 2011

As I’ve mentioned, the economic downturn has had a devastating effect on the horse industry, causing thousands of horses to be abandoned when their owners can no longer afford them. This story is further proof of that.

After his ranch was foreclosed on in November, a Quarter Horse breeder in Montana apparently left all of his horses (as many as 700) on the property and disappeared. The malnourished horses have been without adequate food and water since then.

The Northern International Livestock Exposition (NILE) has efforts underway to airlift hay to the horses. As you can imagine, it takes tremendous resources to feed so many horses, so NILE is currently accepting donations of hay, transportation assistance (for donated hay), and money (to purchase hay and rent equipment). If you can help, please contact NILE:


Phone: 406-256-2495

Mail: NILE Foundation, PO Box 1981, Billings, MT 59103

You can receive updates on this situation via NILE’s Twitter feed and Facebook page.

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